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Previous Service Recordings:

Sunday Worship 10-18-20
Service Video:

Service Audio: "The Beloved Physician" - 10-18-20
Guest Preacher: Pastor Sebastian

Sunday Worship 10-11-20
Service Video: "Ruminating"

Service Audio: "Ruminating"

Sunday Worship 10-04-20
Service Video:

Service Audio: "The Glass Wall" - 10-04-20

Sunday Worship 09-27-20
Service Video:

Service Audio: "Authority and Expectations" - 09-27-20
Guest Speaker: Alicia Emerson

Sunday Worship 09-20-20
Service Video:

Service Audio: "Instructions, Necessary, Vineyard" - 09-20-20

Sunday Worship 09-13-20
Service Video:

Service Audio: "Upheld" - 09-13-20

Sunday Worship 09-06-20
Service Video:

Service Audio: "Passover To Holy Communion" - 09-06-20

Sunday Worship 08-30-20
Service Video:

Service Audio: "Who Am I?" - 08-30-20

Sunday Worship 08-23-20
Service Video:

Service Audio: "Remembering Joseph" - 08-23-20

Sunday Worship 08-16-20
Service Video:

Service Audio: "Heart and Mouth (Part 2)" - 08-16-20

Sunday Worship 08-09-20
Service Video:

Service Audio: "Heart and Mouth" - 08-09-20

Sunday Worship 08-02-20
Service Video:

Service Audio: "Facing The Past" - 08-02-20

Sunday Worship 07-26-20
Service Video:
Sermon: "Little Things That Grow"

Sunday Worship 07-19-20
Service Video:
Sermon: "When Evil Has Its Day"

Sunday Worship 07-12-20
Service Video:
Sermon: "Inquiring of the Lord"

Sunday Worship 06-28-20
Service Video:
Sermon: "What's In A Name?"

Sunday Worship 06-21-20
Service Video:
Sermon: "Hagar"

Sunday Worship 06-14-20
Service Video:
Sermon: "She Laughed"

Sunday Worship 06-07-20
Service Video:
Sermon: "Common Values"

Sunday Worship 05-31-20
Service Video:
Sermon: "Languages"

Sunday Worship 05-24-20
Service Video:
Sermon: "Uncertain Future"

Sunday Worship 05-17-20
Service Video:
Sermon: "Making Disciples"

Sunday Worship 05-10-20
Service Video:
Sermon: "Spiritual Milk"

Sunday Worship 05-03-20
Service Video:
Sermon: "Community Ideals

Sunday Worship 04-26-20
Service Video:
Sermon: "Hearts Burning Within"

Sunday Worship 04-19-20
Service Video:
Sermon: "Sent"


Service Video:

Good Friday
Service Video:

Maundy Thursday
Sermon Audio:
7th Word of Jesus From The Cross - 04-09-20

Palm Sunday
Sermon Video:

Passion Narrative Video:

Other Sermons:
Lenten Devotional
6th Word of Jesus From The Cross - 04-01-20
Pastor Jason

Video for Sunday Message - 03-29-20

Audio for Sunday Message - 03-29-20
"Breath of Life"

Lenten Devotional
5th Word of Jesus From The Cross - 03-25-20
Pastor Jason

Special Audio Service
"Shining The Light" - 03-22-20
Pastor Jason

Lenten Devotional
4th Word of Jesus From The Cross - 03-18-20
Pastor Jason

"Watering the Soul" - 03-15-20
A reflection on Exodus 17:1-7 and John 4:5-42
Pastor Jason

"Wind" - 03-08-20
A reflection on John 3:8
Pastor Jason

"The Death Of Shame" - 03-01-20
A reflection on Genesis 3:1-7 and Romans 5:12-19
Pastor Jason

"Am I Missing Something?" - 02-23-20
A reflection on Exodus 24:12-18, 2 Peter 1:16-21, and Matthew 17:1-9
Pastor Jason

"Solid Foods" - 02-16-20
A reflection on 1 Corinthians 3:1-9
Pastor Jason

"Salty" - 02-09-20
A reflection on Matthew 5:13-20, 1 Corinthians 2:1-16, and Isaiah 58:1-9a
Pastor Jason

"To Be Dismissed In Peace" - 02-02-20
A reflection on Hebrews 2:15 and Luke 2:22-40
Pastor Jason

"To Belong To Christ - 01-26-20
A reflection on 1 Corinthians 1:10-18
Pastor Jason

"Baptism (Part 2)" - 01-19-20
A reflection on John 1:29-34
Pastor Jason

"Baptism" - 01-12-20
A reflection on Matthew 3:13-17
Pastor Jason

"The Gathering" - 01-05-20
A reflection on Jeremiah 31:7-14
Pastor Jason