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western Gospel Large

NEXT Cowboy Church-
This Sunday- June 3- 4:00PM
Jimmy Collier Special Guest appearance

To See some video of the Western Gospel Service Click the link below:

To order any of Tim Johnson's CDs click this link:


Or get them on Sundays at the Western Gospel and Tim will autograph them!

If you missed the
Cowboy Christmas Concert or want to hear part of it again, here's a couple of links,
You Tube will give you other selections in the right hand column.

This first link is Bobby Black, playing
"Sleep Walk":

This link is Tim Johnson's unbelievable finale to the Concert:

Our thanks to our Sunday to Rudy Helm for putting them on You Tube for our enjoyment. Thanks !!!


Cowboy Easter Concert-
April 8 at 4:00PM

Oakhurst Lutheran will be holding a
Cowboy Easter Concert on April 8.

In the past this was a special concert with special quest musicians like Bobby Black and Candi Cobb.

This year’s Easter Concert will be held at the April 8th Cowboy Church
Service at 4:00PM.

It will feature special Easter music rather than the usual Western Gospel music.
It will feature special music vocals
from Eddie Guzman, Tim Johnson
and Cliff Neufeld.

This will be a great opportunity to continue the celebration of Easter and the Resurrection of Our Lord. The sanctuary will be decorated with butterflies and the music will make your soul soar.