Fall is coming… Temperatures are dropping and my driveway is already covered in leaves. My wife and I came home the other day and found some new flower buds just opening up in front of our house. And my first thought was, ‘Shouldn’t those have bloomed in the Spring?’ And yet some new growth happens in the fall. In fact… new growth can happen any season… The Spirit of God works in its own seasons.

I’ve been in Oakhurst a year now. I’ve experienced all four seasons here. I’ve watched a lot of change happen around me… and
in me. I’m still getting used to seasons. I’m still getting used to change.

When we lived in Ventura, we didn’t really have seasons. We just had ‘kind of cool’ and ‘kind of hot’. And it was great! I’m grateful for the time I had in that kind of climate. But I’m also grateful for real seasons because they’re more representative of real life:

Life… never… stops… changing.

And change is hard. Change can be really hard. Sometimes we feel like we just can’t take anymore change. We just want everything to stay the same for a while. No more seasons. And yet God created a world that keeps turning. God seems to want our lives to keep changing. Maybe we get a season where things stay the same for a while and we need those seasons too. And yet the next season is always just around the corner.

And God… works… through change.

In the midst of any change, no matter how difficult it is, there is
always potential for new growth. That has been a sort of theme of mine for this year: new growth. Because in the midst of getting used to all these seasons and getting used to all this change in my life, I’ve seen so much new growth happening all around me… and in me.

And that’s what keeps me from being overwhelmed by the changes and the seasons… the new growth that God is producing in the midst of it all. We
have to constantly keep our eyes open for what God is doing. We have to look for the new growth no matter what season it is. We can’t miss it. We need it. It’s the only thing that makes the changes worth it.

Some flowers bloom in the fall.

Pastor Jason